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15 Of The Hottest Female Body Builders You Have Ever Seen!!

14. Noemi Olah – Hungary

Noemi Olah

Started with bikini modeling to then tackle bodybuilding.

As if her name wasn’t sexy enough.

Noemi Olah is a stunning Hungarian-born bodybuilder turned bikini model, who made a name for herself as the only bikini model of Hungarian decent ever to take the stage at the world renown body building competition, Olympia.

She won her first competition in 2005 at the Hungarian Superbody Championship. Afterward, she went on to try bikini modeling and there’s no wonder why she was successful in the industry.

Olah still competes in a number of competitions and is now sponsored by AllMax as a spokesperson for the brand. Needless to say, she’s still claiming a successful career everywhere she goes.

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